Is Facebook right for your business? What should I do? Where do I begin? This is simple questions you business owner, would ask if you were with me in a close office. Here is a good article with some answers.


“Over the weekend, I spent some time putting together a rudimentary Facebook plan for a friend. She is admittedly not into social media, but she does understand web marketing, and is grudgingly considering establishing a Facebook presence for her organization.

Like many small business owners, she is busy, busy, busy, and she doesn’t have staff devoted marketing activities. If she wants to do some marketing, she has to stop her “real work,” plop down in front of the computer, and get busy.

Now, some background. My friend is in the equestrian business – she runs a nice facility for boarding and training horses that caters to people who actively compete at horse shows. I’ve long thought that Facebook would be useful for her business – she has a good regional footprint, the local associations that run area horse shows are active on social networks, and so are many riders and trainers in the area. So, for my friend, the answer to that first essential question one must ask before planning a social media foray – “Is my audience present on this particular social network?” – is an unequivocal “Yes.”

However, as I mentioned, my friend is busy, and not terribly inclined toward social media generally, and Facebook in particular. So, as I prepared my recommendations for her, I kept the fact that she’s not a dyed-in-the-wool online networker in mind. This puts her at a disadvantage, because I do believe that in order to get the most out of a social network for a brand, the people behind that brand’s presence do need to have a good understanding of how the network works, what sort of content plays well, and what kind of postings and interactions people appreciate from brands. And a good way to achieve all of that is to use the social network in question yourself.

Business benefits of Facebook….”

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